Buzz: Derek Stepan Is Open To A Bridge Contract/Glen Sather Says That Stepan’s Agent Isn’t Being Realistic/Wants To Be A Ranger

StepanIn the NY Post, Larry Brooks spoke with Stepan’s agent and confirmed what Glen Sather said, that Stepan is open to a bridge contract.

Stepan’s agent said that his client is seeking the “fair market value he has earned” and that he is in the same category as the players who signed long-term deals coming out of entry level.

His agent said that he thinks it would benefit the Rangers to sign Stepan long term but if that isn’t possible they are willing to talk about a short term deal so that he can get back on the ice as soon as possible.

Glen Sather told Brooks that he spoke with Stepan and told him that his agent was being “unrealistic” in his demands and that the two sides aren’t close right now.

Sather added that with the way the CBA is and without having arbitration rights, Stepan is going to get a bridge contract. He added “that’s the way it is. It’s silly for him to miss camp at his age.”

Stepan’s agent Matt Oates said that he isn’t being unreasonable or unrealistic and that at no time has the thought of an offer sheet come into their mind. He tells Brooks that Stepan wants to be a Ranger and the objective is to get a deal done with the Rangers.

He adds that Stepan isn’t asking for anything that he hasn’t earned and that all he wants is a fair deal.

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