Recap: What Chris Kreider Said Today and How He Feels About Coming Back.

KreiderChris Kreider took part in the Rangers morning skate today and then met with the media.

His comments are as follows:

  • On being in CT, “it was good, positive. I learned a lot and worked on a lot.”
  • On keeping tabs on the Rangers when he is with the Whale, “a lot, I think everyone down there does. At the same time, you are a fan of the game and checking scores from all around the league and watching highlights.”
  • On looking back at last season, “I look back and have fond memories. It’s an entirely different situation and I am trying to seize that opportunity.”
  • On what the coaches asked him to work on, “They have done a good job in communicating what they want me to improve on. Little stuff, game to game, I think we talked about check finishing. Not being on the scoreboard and still having an impact, that kind of thing so definitely on check finishing, the back check, separating guys from pucks, little stuff.”

  • On the changes to the team, “I know a couple of the guys who came in. I’ve got a couple of friends on Columbus who know them. I have played a lot with John Moore so I know him pretty well. It feels a little different coming to the rink and seeing new guys.”
  • On how the team has changed with the new guys, “it’s still the same team identity, but whenever you bring in a new player they will bring something different to the table.”
  • On thinking he could come back this season, “I go down with the mindset of trying to help that team win hockey games. That is the mindset I have always had and I was looking forward to doing that down there. It’s the same mindset coming back, helping this team win games. Being a player that can have a positive impression on the game.”
  • On his patience with going up and down, “It’s not an issue. Every single day I get to play hockey so I am pretty blessed. I think it’s always on my mind, but it’s not something I harped on or wallowed with. It’s a motivating factor and something that is in the back of your mind but you focus on the day to day stuff.