Read: Where Chris Kreider Can Go From Here

Chris Kreider Broadway HatWith all the hype that surrounded him in the playoffs, Chris Kreider has still yet to go through an NHL training camp or play in a regular season game.

In the playoffs, Kreider scored 5 goals, added two assists and was a minus four.

Kreider said after the season ended that he made the right decision to wait until now to come to the NHL “it was definitely the right decision and I definitely learned a lot. I know where I want to be and everyone has to earn there spot.

He noted that there is still a lot for him to learn to be a regular NHL player, “I need to try to learn the system and change my game up a little bit. It was dumbed down for me this spring so that I couldn’t overthink things.”

John Tortorella said of Kreider, “He’s going to go through the process. Who knows what happens next year with him? You guys have him playing 22 minutes on the first line I would think with some of the articles you’ll write before next year. I can predict that.”

Tortorella says that he still needs to get to know Kreider though, “I don’t really know him that well, but one thing I do know is that he has a pretty good head on his shoulders. I watched him how he deal with you guys through it all, through all the scrutiny of the city, some of the good things he did. He’s going to understand what the process is all about. We’ll see where it goes.”