Read: Looking At Chris Kreider Since He Went Down

Chris Kreider

7:22PM: Leslie Treff tweets “Kreider is continuing to do everything right. Skating to negate an icing, shooting. Positioning. He’s looking good.”

4:50PM: Vigneault said today “The decision was made yesterday. Schoeny, Glen and myself talked with Ken and we looked at the possible lines we could have and the role that we needed and it was more of a fourth line/PKer that we needed and Powe fit that bill. Chris, from what I heard Ken say and I am going there tonight to get a personal look, is that he is playing well. He is using his tools and playing well since he has been there. He will continue to improve and at some point we are going to need him and he will be ready for us.”

Alain Vigneault said today that he is going down to Hartford tonight to watch Kreider and the other players on the Wolf Pack

In four games for the Wolf Pack, Chris Kreider has 2 goals, 1 assist and 12 shots on goal.

His goals have come from in close, a deflection of an Aaron Johnson shot from between the circles and a backhand into an empty net off a rebound from the top of the crease, and it took until his 13th game last season to score his second goal.

Kreider was also in front and screening the goalie on Dylan McIlrath’s first career goal.

Leslie Treff writes at HF Rangers that Chris Kreider was the best player on the ice in the first two games for the Wolf Pack and has been doing everything necessary for the them to win. She notes that Kreider is playing the way that he should and should be NHL ready very soon. She also notes that while Kreider is a “perfectionist on the ice” he is clearly enjoying the game right now.

She writes at Hockey’s Future that Kreider is bigger, stronger and much more confident than he was last season. Treff adds that Kreider is utilizing his speed much better as well.

Alain Vigneault, after sending Kreider down before the season, said “I see a young man with a tremendous amount of potential and tremendous upside that needs to play. I didn’t believe that I can give him the minutes that a young player like that needs to improve and be able to contribute. We talked with Glen’s staff and my staff and we determined that the best thing was for Chris to go to Hartford, play big minutes, play PP, play PK and improve and once we feel he is ready to improve and play on a regular basis we will take him.”

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