Read: Chris Kreider Is A Force Coming Down The Ice

Chris Kreider RangersChris Kreider signed with the Rangers on April 10 and played his first career NHL game against Ottawa in game three of the Rangers opening round series.

Kreider scored his first goal in game six against the Senators and finished the playoffs with 5 goals and 2 assists in 18 games while averaging 13:09 per game.

At Backhand Shelf they write that projecting out what Kreider did in the playoffs over an 82 game schedule would put him in range of 30 goals.

Nick Cotsonika of  Yahoo spoke with BC’s video coordinator who said that Kreider displayed the skills he showed at BC during his playoff run with the Rangers, “Prototypical power forward. You can hear him coming down the ice. He’s like an impending force when he’s hounding you on the puck.”

In an issue of Rolling Stone magazine, Craig Finn of the band “The Hold Steady,” lists Kreider as an athlete “Who Should Be Big.” He writes, “he wont the National Championship with BC this spring, and they brought him up and he scored the winning goal in the Rangers’ season-saving win in Ottawa. He seems to be on the puck at all times.

Adam: We got a real special look at what looks to be a real special player for the Rangers. He is quiet, doesn’t feel entitled to anything and just puts his head down and works. His skills are off the charts and when he can harness them a little better, along with being better in his own zone, he could end up with a couple of all-star games under his belt.