Quote: John Tortorella Wants @ChrisKreider

“I’m not sure if (he’s ready for) the National Hockey League, and even next year I’m not sure if it’s the National Hockey League if he does turn pro. But I think the sooner that you get into that grind of the American League, if that’s where you start, the better, because that’s where you learn to play the game. It’s a different game than college hockey. And I can understand. I don’t get into the personal matters as far as education. I think education’s important. I think this is a family decision. But as a coach, we want to sink our teeth into him as quickly as possible as far as getting him into a situation, to a Ranger, as quickly as possible.

Tortorella to Carp at Rangers Report

…I like everything about what Torts says especially the part about wanting Kreider selfishly so he can start teaching him to play at pro level. It’s up to Kreider and his family to decide what the next move is though. As a college hockey player, Kreider has accomplished a ton and has shown to play his best when the games mean the most. So in that sense, it’s time for Kreider to move on, but he has two more years of college to go and if he wants to finish his education, he has the right to finish. Derek Stepan left early, Ryan McDonagh was really coaxed into leaving early, and Kreider could be as well.

I wonder if he will get a chance to play for Team USA at the World Championships this spring.

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