Recap: What Carl Hagelin Said On MSG

Carl Hagelin joined MSG during the Rangers scrimmage:

  • On right before they started, “Zuccarello grabbed my hair. He wishes his flow was as good as mine.”


  • On his shoulder, “It’s coming along well. It’s a lot of rehab but it feels good and I am on the ice and starting to shoot a little more.”
  • On Zucc, “I am staying at his place. He is a great landlord. I’m doing everything for him. We arne’t cooking. He needs to figure some stuff out with the apartment. He doesn’t like to do stuff himself so I am helping him out.”

  • On doing rehab with Ryan Callahan, “Right after the surgery we could be frustrated together. We drove the rink together the first two weeks. We can skate together. It helps to have someone in the same mind frame. It’s good with Cally who pushes me every day.”
  • Are they are the same pace or is one ahead, “He might be a little ahead of me. I am trying to take it day by day and as soon as I get cleared I will be ready to go.”
  • On how he feels, “I’m just anxious to get out there and battle. He likes guys to use their legs and play up tempo. It should fit me perfectly.
  • On his skating before the scrimmage, “It was a good 50 minutes on the ice. Definitely some really good drills and we simulated some game situations.”
  • On his conditioning, “My conditioning is where it should be. My skating feels better than I thought it would. I am back to where i finished last season. “
  • On shooting the puck , “The shoulder is still weak but I am glad I can still take shots. I can shoot but am getting my strength back.”
  • On what needs to improve, “We gotta do more with the puck when we have it. We threw it away last year and we need to have more poise and take the opportunity when it arises.”
  • On the PP, “With a new year it’s good to forget about last year and take a lot of shots. We have enough good players to be good on the PP.
  • On the role for Rick Nash on the PP, “Nasher is really good at finding pucks. The new coaches will add something new to the PP. “
  • On the change for this season, “A lot of guys are coming in with smiles. It’s a positive feeling and positive faces. Everyone is excited to get the seaosn setarted”
  • On Tortorella’s comments in the playoffs, “I’m a pretty easy going guy. It didn’t rattle me. He came up right after and said sorry. There was no more. He said he was sorry and I got a chance on the PP the game after. More people around got mad about it. “