Read: Prospective Coyotes Owner Lacks Funds To Run Team

According to the Phoenix Business Journal, Greg Jamison still lacks the cash to not only buy the Coyotes but to also operate them.

Mike Sunnucks writes “Operating capital could be the newest obstacle facing the Jamison purchase and the Coyotes tenuous situation in Glendale. Essentially, the prospective Coyotes owner needs the money, financing or favorable sales terms so he can pay the bills, meet payroll and keep the lights on after a sale.”

They write that the NHL could lower the asking price for the franchise to help Jamison buy the team and also help him secure the money to operate the franchise after he purchases the team.

In terms of Shane Doan, Sunnucks writes that he may soon meet with the Kings and “If Doan jumps to a new team before a Coyotes sale is complete, that could diminish confidence in Jamison’s bid.”