Buzz: The Rangers Have Made An Offer To Shane Doan?

According to a report out of Philadelphia, the Flyers have made an offer to Shane Doan in the hopes that he would replace Jaromir Jagr as a veteran in the top six.

The report, via Crossing Broad, says that the Rangers and Penguins have also made offers to Doan.

It has been confirmed that the Penguins have made an offer for Doan, but not yet confirmed that the Rangers have.

In addition to the Penguins and Rangers, the Sabres, Kings, Sharks and Canucks have made offers to Doan.

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59% of readers said that they would give Doan 3 or 4 years.

Adam Rotter: The Rangers have interest in Doan and whether they have made their offer or are prepared to make their offer, they are certainly in the mix. He still seems intent on waiting out the situation in Phoenix and that could continue to delay things, but if and when he decides to move on, you can be sure the Rangers will be at the front of the line pushing him to come to NY.


Katie Strang tweets that she “asked Doan if he’d consider playing NY and he didn’t rule it out but said still monitoring the ownership situation in PHX”