Buzz: Are The Rangers Prepared To Match That Big Offer For Shane Doan?

According to the Vancouver Province, via Rory, the Vancouver Canucks offer for Shane Doan will likely top out at $6.1 million per year as that is the number that the Sedin twins make and it is unlikely that Doan would get a higher cap hit than they have.

Vancouver is hoping that it’s location and presence in Doan’s life will draw him there.

The report says that the Rangers are willing to match the four-year offer worth $30 million that the Buffalo Sabres have on the table for Doan.

Doan’s agent said that he will pick a new team before the lockout.

81% of readers said that they would not give Doan that offer.

It has been suggested that Doan may come to NY if he is able to secure a four-year deal.

When it comes to a three-year deal, 44% of readers said that their decision to sign Doan would depend on the cap hit. 40% of readers said that they would give Doan three years.

Adam Rotter: My feelings on Doan haven’t changed. I think that he would be a luxury for the Rangers but a player that they don’t need in the way that they needed to get a scorer like Rick Nash.