Buzz: The Rangers Aren’t Going To Make An Offer On Ryan O’Reilly (Update)

9:24AM: In the Daily News, Pat Leonard writes that the Rangers have shown interest in O’Reilly.

More on O’Reilly at TSN.

2/15/13-6:58AM: In the NY Post, Larry Brooks writes that the Rangers have checked in with Colorado about RFA holdout Ryan O’Reilly but are unlikely to pursue a deal.

Brooks reports that the Rangers are more concerned about what it would cost to sign O’Reilly rather than what they would have to give up to get him in a trade.

Ryan McDonagh, Carl Hagelin and Derek Stepan are all RFAs this summer.

Brooks also notes that the Rangers have a policy of signed RFAs coming off their entry-level deal to a two-year deal.


Its gonna be tough for him to make the team. Theres a lot of competition this year.

You ever think about doing a BGA on an MMA fight or fighter Bent?

Bent moderator


I wouldn't consider myself nearly knowledgeable enough about the sport to do that.  I'm relatively new to it.  Until recently, I just used to watch all Lesnar and Ronda's bouts and pretty much ignored the rest.  I like to discuss it here with people like you and Brendan who know more about it than me so I can learn about it and that adds to my enjoyment when I watch the events.  Otherwise, my nephew is quite knowledgeable so I lean on him.  I actually learnt a lot from playing the UFC video game one time, especially doing the tutorial.

I've done basketball blogging before and a bit of baseball and even some wrestling.  I offered to do some hockey stuff for the Rangers blog when the Kings were in the Stanley Cup too, but in the end they didn't need me.


@Bent  I knew you were fairly new to the sport but I can see your interested in it. Theres a lot to it.