Read: Patrick Kaleta Woke Up The Rangers Last Night

Last night on MSG, Al Trautwig, while calling him stupid, said that Patrick Kaleta cost his team the game lat night.

The Sabres were up 1-0 on the Rangers at the time of the hit and the Rangers followed up with two quick power play goals to take the lead.

Ryan Miller told the Sporting News, “I think we had lulled them to sleep for two periods there, and that’s the risk you take being aggressive. Patty tried to be hard on the puck and made a mistake. You don’t like to see that kind of hit, and we paid the price for it pretty quick.”

As Renaud Lavoie points out, just because Brad Richards returned to the game last night doesn’t mean he will play against the Flyers tomorrow.

Richards told the NY Post, “That’s not a hit that was ever in the game,” Richards said. “That’s a little different than a head shot, that’s just stupidity. If we’re all going to look at each other’s numbers, ram each other from behind, head-first into the boards, it’s going to be a tough game to play.”

Richards then added that he isn’t sure what game Patrick Kaleta is playing, but it isn’t hockey.

At Rangers Report, “This was more like last year for the Rangers. They got punched in the mouth and all of a sudden they decided to show up. Well, it wasn’t even a punch in the mouth, it was a dangerous, intentional, filthy hit by a cheap-shot artist of the lowest degree, known for playing way over the line. But the Rangers reacted, they reacted quickly and well, and they turned it into a win. ”