Read: What Kris Newbury Thinks About Chris Kreider

In his brief time in Hartford so far, Chris Kreider has drawn praise from different areas of the hockey world for his play and his potential.

Kris Newbury, who has played on a line with Kreider and Chad Kolarik, told the Rangers website,“He is a guy that can really move. For me and our line to work you wanna have the puck in his hands and he demonstrated tonight that he has a great shot. My first option is always to look for him.”

Newbury, who played with Carl Hagelin before he was called up last season, said that the two of them used to run a play that may work with Kreider as well

“When Carl was down we had a set play where he would start skating and I would rip it off the boards and he was usually the first guy to get there and it created a lot of scoring chances. I think it will be the same with Chris.”

CLICK HERE to see Kreider’s hat trick from over the weekend.

Justin Bourne, at Backhand Shelf, listed Kreider as one of the top 25 players under 25.

Michael Haley said at Blueshirts United “he is a big boy. He is fast and he moves well. I think he will be a good player. He is consistent as long as he is banging and being a good power forward he will be pretty special here.”