Read: Justin Schultz Will Be The Hardest Worker On Your Team

At ESPN Insider, Craig Custance spoke with Wisconsin coach Mike Eaves about defenseman Justin Schultz and not just what kind of player he is, but the kind of person he is.

Eaves says, “He’s pretty grounded and he’s listening to the advice of his group and doing things by the letter. You don’t hear things from Justin. He’s keeping things close to his chest. He’ll go wherever he goes and he’ll be the hardest-working guy there.”

Eaves adds, “He’s competitive as hell and probably one of the hardest workers on the team.”

On the kind of player that Schultz is, Custance spoke to a scout who said, “This guy can shoot the puck. This is a guy who can walk the blue line on the power play with his head up all the time. He can fire wrist shots, he can pick holes. He can one-time it, but you’ll see him score more goals on a wrister through screens. Every game I saw this kid play the last two years, I left going ‘This kid is going to play.’ He’s a top-four guy, probably top three with power-play ability. He can step in the NHL next year and play. He’s going to run a power play.”