Buzz: Will Anaheim File Tampering Charges On Justin Schultz?

Late last month, Michael Russo of the Star Tribune said on the radio that he believes that Justin Schultz has made up his mind on what team he will sign with and is just waiting until July 1 to do so.

Russo writes that the team that signs Schultz may have to deal with some accusations from Anaheim, “I guarantee you the Anaheim Ducks will go after them with a tampering charge, because the Anaheim Ducks have been building that case for the last couple of months. They have all sorts of e-mails from him basically saying, ‘I’m coming there, I’m coming there,’ and suddenly, for some reason, he’s not coming there.”

Russo believes that Toronto is the team that will sign Schultz. Bob McKenzie tweeted yesterday that he wouldn’t be surprised if Schultz landed with a team in Canada.

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The Toronto Maple Leafs were fined in 2009 when coach Ron Wilson made comments about trying to sign the Sedin twins.