Read: The Glen Sather and Jason Arnott Relationship

In the Edmonton Journal, Jim Matheson writes that Glen Sather never forgets a face and with his signing of Jason Arnott he is following a path he took with the Oilers in bringing in players that previously played under him.

Matheson says that Arnott lost his way with the fans and pressure turned to move him.

On moving Arnott, Sather said at the time ”This is a trade we had to make. There was pressure from the community, the media and most of all pressure that Jason brought on himself. It was a situation that he couldn’t seem to get out of.”

Sather reportedly almost dealt Arnott to the Rangers in 1998 for Alex Kovalev.

At the time Sather was hired by the Rangers, Arnott, who was playing for the Devils, said “he’s probably one of the best for the job, no question about it. He’s been known as one of the best, everyone wants him. I don’t think that comes as a shocker to anybody because he’s done so well in Edmonton.”