Buzz: Ilya Kovalchuk WON’T Be A Ranger (Update)

Update:10:23PM: Larry Brooks tweets that the Kings offered Kovalchuk a 12 year deal worth $5.3 million per season, but says that won’t get it done.

…12 years…That’s a lot of Kovalchuk.

Update: 1:02PM: Elliott has more at the LA Times.

Update: 12:17PM: According to Helene Elliott of the LA Times, the Kings and Kovalchuk are “re-engaged” in talks.

…Just sign. This is getting to LeBron-like, and that is just stupid. Jay Grossman tweeted to build up anticipation, and it’s been nothing since. The Kings getting back in gives them the upper hand to me, as they have the space already to sign him and go from there, unlike the Devils, who need to make moves.

My opinion is that the rumored deal of $60 million from the Devils is true, and that is their offer, but he wants to see what else he can wrangle from either Russia or the Kings. If the Kings and Kovy start negotiating, it could turn out that he signs where everyone thought he would.


…Oh boy.


James Murphy says that Kovalchuk to the KHL isn’t a done deal.


Reports out of Russia, via Tom Gulliti, say that Kovalchuk is close to signing in Russia.

…Well then.

The New York Post writes that the Devils have to clear out cap space to get Kovalchuk signed, as they only have around $4 million to play with now.

…Yes, the Devils can go over the cap by 10% before next season, but it would be easier for them to try and clear the money now so that they aren’t pressed into just burying guys in the minors if they have to. That could be a holdup.

Original Post: 7:02AM:

While he continues to decide between two teams, most likely the Devils and Russia, Rick Carpiniello of the Journal News writes:

He’s not going to be a Ranger. They aren’t in it, they never were in it, and they won’t be in it. Book that.

…I have to say, as it lingered on, I briefly thought that the Rangers could get involved, as hard it would be to fit him under the salary cap in their current situation. It just seemed the longer that it took, maybe they make a call, maybe he is interested and they go from there, but it was never more than a crazy thought; this should re-affirm that, no matter what certain people write and tweet.