Note: Brad Richards Is Trying To Grow The Game

Brad Richards recently held a wine tasting event to benefit his foundation, which has a mission statement of “The Brad Richards Foundation exists to provide exceptional experiences and treatment for children and families enduring chronic and life threatening illness. The foundation also supports the advancement of youth and amateur sports.”

Richards told Pat Leonard of the Daily News that he started work with his foundation and trying to grow the game down in Tampa, but that it is still hard to get time on the ice up here.

He said that he is donating some of the money to help build ice rinks in the Hamptons during the winter and help the game grow.

“If I can help or any of us can help grow the game by bringing more youths into it and helping them understand the game, it creates more fans. And that’s always been part of the mission of the foundation.”

Richards has been called a better person than a hockey player.