Read: The Story of John Tortorella and Liam

During 24/7 this year, we were introduced to Liam Traynor, a ten year old boy with cerebral palsy, and how he has developed a relationship with Rangers coach John Tortorella.

Liam and Tortorella were brought together by the Garden of Dreams foundation and regularly text each each other.

The Daily News tells a story of how one time in the past couple of years Tortorella was angry with the team until he saw that he had a text from Liam that said he wanted to give him a “bro hug.”

Tortorella said of that moment,“And you know what? No lie. When I got that text, it just made me stop being as aggravated as I was with some of the things going on, and realize I needed it. I really did.”

Liam then said:

 “I told him I wanted to send him a bro hug, and coach said his coachmates were laughing at it because it changed him. He got back in the groove and he encouraged the team to win. No offense to him, but he was kind of in a little — I shouldn’t say that — but in a special mood, and he has a special job keeping everybody satisfied.”

Tortorella called Liam everyday in May 2010 when Liam was recovering during hip surgery and throughout the offseason.

On Torts, Liam says “People think he has a really tough side. But on the other side of him, he has a really nice personality, he has good inside. He gives me insight on the team. He’s very caring when I’m hurt or sick. He always has my back. “He protects me and he’s a great friend.”