Read: Benn Ferriero Impressed John Tortorella

Prior to the game against the Leafs last night, Sam Rosen asked John Tortorella what he was hoping to see from Benn Ferriero.

Tortorella responded by talking about depth and how he has missed having guys push each other, “with some of the people that we lost in the trade and losing 4 or 5 people from last year, I haven’t been able to maneuver the lineup to get a push from the lineup. If I see that this kid can play, he is going to play and I will bounce him all over the place.”

Ferriero played 12:32 last night, 3:58 in the first period, 3:06 in the second period and 5:36 in the third period.

He had one shot, shot blocked, missed shot, hit, giveaway, takeaway and he was 2 and 4 on faceoffs.

Following the game,Tortorella said,“I thought that little sh!! Ferriero played well.”

He added, “I liked his speed and his composure. He has some JAM to him, he is willing to play along the boards. What happens from here I don’t know, but I think he played well.”


@Ehlun oh absolutely I know it was endearing. You should see the looks I get at the Aud for calling him that. Benn chuckles.