Read: Both Sides Are Just Completely Oblivious/Unaware /What Bettman Said That Pissed Off The League

Darren Dreger writes “Because of lack of trust both sides say all language will have to be carefully executed before “Game On” declared. By product of yesterday?”

In the NY Post, Larry Brooks writes that Gary Bettman told members of the NHLPA on Thursday that certain GMs in the league wanted the chance to dismantle their teams and rid themselves of some contracts when the salary cap moves to $60 million in the second year of the CBA.

Brooks writes that Bettman refused to name the GMs that reportedly said they would like to dismantle their teams.

The players are arguing that bringing the cap down to $60 million would limit the abilities of big market franchises.

This incident, along with how the NHL switched the language on HRR, before switching it back, is why the meetings and progress toward a new CBA has stopped.

The change in HRR language was in regards to penalties that teams would face if they tried to hide HRR. The penalties would include a fine of $1 million and a first round pick with a second offense costing $5 million and three first round picks.

The NHL tried to change it so that Gary Bettman would decide on the penalties for teams who try to hide HRR.