Read: Will This Be The End Of Gary Bettman?

The NHL Board of Governors is meeting today at 1PM in New York to ratify the new CBA. Gary Bettman is expected to address the Governors and explain to them how the lockout played out and how they can go about growing their business again.

Ken Campbell writes at The Hockey News that the first step the NHL can take is by announcing that within two years Bettman will no longer be the Commissioner.

Campbell writes “The league owes its fans. And one way it can display that it is truly willing to turn the page is to tell Bettman that he must go. It’s not because all of this is necessarily Bettman’s fault because he has been doing the bidding of his employers, but the reality is that he has been the central character of three lockouts and history will show his name will always be associated with those work stoppages before anything else. He is the lightning rod for criticism and has done a remarkable job of accepting those terms of employment over the past 20 years.”

In the Globe and Mail, Eric Duhatschek writes that Bettman won’t be fired following the end of his third lockout. He writes that Bettman’s chief role is to represent the financial interests of his owners and the owners won’t have a clear picture of how much damage this lockout actually did until after the 2013-14 season.

Nick Cotsonika writes at Yahoo that while not everyone is happy with the CBA deal, Bettman continued to receive support from executives of both high revenue and low revenue teams.

Bruce Garrioch writes in the Ottawa Sun that Bettman saved the season from being cancelled and did so on the advice of many of the owners who pleaded with to find a way to save the season.

Stu Hackel writes more about this at SI.