Read: Why The Players Wanted Donald Fehr Back In The Room

At TSN, Ryan Rishaug spoke with Winnipeg defenseman Ron Hainsey who has been involved in CBA talks at almost every step.

Hainsey said that on Wednesday night he could sense something wasn’t right and things weren’t being communicated the correct way. Because of that the players wanted both Donald Fehr and Gary Bettman to return to the negotiating table.

Bill Daly told  Rishaug that bringing Fehr back into the room wasn’t a “deal breaker” as Hainsey said last night, but an indication that the owners who joined the talks would not stay involved.

Hainsey says that the time had come to bring the closers back to the table,”We are not capable of closing billion dollar deals, we can get them close I think, we’re trying to do that, but as far as closing them out, I don’t see any other way we could do it without our staff in there. That’s why they’re there.”

4:45PM: Zach Parise told Michael Russo at the Star Tribune that he doesn’t think the two sides are in a doomsday situation right now.