Read: Why The NHLPA Wants A Shorter Term CBA

At USA Today, Kevin Allen writes that the players are only proposing a five-year term for the CBA because of how much player turnover there is from year to year and the feeling that in five years the core of the NHL will shift.

Allen writes that Don Fehr believes that those players may look at things differently and deserve the chance to have their voices heard.

The NBA CBA is for 10 years but either side can opt out in 2017. The NFL also signed a 10 year CBA last summer.

The previous NHL CBA was for six seasons, through the 10-11 season but the NHLPA had the option to re-open the agreement after the 08-09 season. The NHLPA also had the option, which they did, of extending the CBA through the 11-12 season.