Read: Why The NHL Doesn’t Want To Allow Amnesty Buyouts/Will Allow Partial Salary Trades

At True Hockey, Andy Strickland spoke with Bill Daly about why the NHL is against allowing amnesty buyouts as part of their transition process.

Daly says that compliance buyouts will add more money that will be paid to the players that is “outside” the system and that teams are allowed to exceed the cap in 2012-13. Daly also notes that some teams will need to make trades and that new rules are being put in place to allow teams to “get to the right place.”

Strickland explains that those rules include allowing teams to take on a partial salary of a player they are trading. He gives an example of a player with a cap hit of $7 million being traded to a team that only has $5 million in cap space. The team trading the player can keep $2 million of his salary on their cap.

When the Rangers acquired Jaromir Jagr in 2004, the Capitals paid $20 million of the remaining $44 million.