Read: Where We Are At Today With The Labor Talks

Last night, Bob McKenzie sent out a tweet saying that he “never felt as discouraged about the state of the NHL as today.”

In response that there were no plans for a bargaining session, Kevin Allen tweeted yesterday that it wasn’t the kind of thing the wanted to hear.

In the Ottawa Sun, Bruce Garrioch writes that time is running out to get a 60 game season going and that “at this juncture, any agreement looks like wishful thinking.”

He also notes that the NHL wants to save the season but they may have to start canceling games in December.

In a tweet this morning, Darren Dreger said “players keep telling me they’re optimistic a deal will get done, while owners tell me they have no confidence in that.”

Cotsonika adds ‘The facts: The sides have inched closer, and there is a deal to be made. But there are still fundamental differences, and this is chicken.’

11:33AM: Gord Miller of TSN tweets “I spoke with an NHL exec who thinks that this dispute will wipe out this season, and continue into the start of next season.”

In response, Dreger said to Miller “Yes. I’ve been told the same. However, players don’t buy it.”

Dreger sent out two other tweets:

  • People asking whether CBA talks are in a deep freeze. Well, NHL won’t meet for sake of meeting. Need something from players.
  • Conversely, the players insist they need the league to show some flexibility on contractual issues. Both sides need more trust to show flex.