Read: Where Things Stand Right Now

NHL-NHLPA12:32PM: Ward adds “Credit being given to change of faces in present meetings,but must remember that there has also been a significant ‘change in stances”

12:14PM: Aaron Ward tweets “Reason for optimism, NHL plans to relent on player contracting issues.Player contract length still remains important to the league. ”

11:33AM: Louis Jean tweets: Source on issues that have divided league & PA (make whole, contractual rights, etc): “They are in a mood and mode to make a deal”

11:17AM: Kypreos adds “Important to note with so many optimistic, no new written proposals have been shared yet”

11:12AM: Nick Kypreos tweets that the NHL expected an NHLPA proposal this morning but the NHLPA couldn’t finish it in time to present it before the BOG meeting.

11:09AM: Nick Cotsonika says that the NHLPA plans to present a proposal or concept to the owners following the Board of Governors meeting which is currently taking place.

He adds “Told owners have shown willingness to give, but players want to do due diligence and not make a mistake. Lots of work to do.”

Elliotte Friedman writes at CBC that the biggest questions that need to be asked are “can the momentum be sustained?” and “what will the rest of the Governors think?”

He adds that prior to the meeting last night, the expectation at today’s BOG meeting was that the $211 make whole offer would be pulled and what is going on with that needs to be answered..

John Shannon writes at Sportsnet that for the first time it isn’t that hard to be optimistic.