Read: Where The NHL Stands On Player Contract Issues

According to Pierre LeBrun at, the NHL has the following stances on player contract issues after today’s meeting.

  • Moved from 2 year ELC to 3 year ELC
  • Willing to be flexible on 5% salary variance but maintained the need for FIVE-YEAR term limits
  • Still asking for an extra year to be added to free agency (8 years) and note that an ELC (entry-level contract) plus the five-year max term limit brings a player to free agency
  • agreed to eliminate re-entry waivers
  • “embraced Union’s request to allow retained salary in trades subject to upwardly revised parameters”
  • “embraced Union’s request for Payroll Range determined as a percentage of Midpoint as opposed to flat $16 million”
  • Salary cap of $60 million in year one with a transition cap of $70.2 and a guaranteed cap of $60 million in year two even though the HRR formula would call for lower number

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