Read: What You Should Really Take Away From Wednesday

At Yahoo, Nick Cotsonika writes that even though the rhetoric and spin following the CBA talks on Wednesday was not positive, the two sides are actually close enough to be on the verge of getting a season underway.

He writes, “They’re closer. That should be the real takeaway. They’re close enough to make a deal. That should be the focus going forward – the only focus. There is no reason to go to the brink of losing an entire season.”

Michael Grange writes at Sportsnet that the NHLPA has dropped back from seeking $1.95 billion in the second year of the agreement, but “as of Thursday it appears the NHLPA is willing to settle for something closer to $1.86 billion. The owners have offered about $1.883 billion. The difference is about $23 million. Chump change, really.”

Pierre LeBrun writes at “There’s a deal here, it’s more clear than ever after the players moved to a percentage-based framework. I don’t buy all the doom and gloom that was out there Wednesday. It was not a wasted day at all. ”

LeBrun added “There’s lots more to mend here in the sizable gap that remains on these matters and more. But it’s there. I can see it. I can almost touch it.”