Read: What The Commissioner Was Supposed To Do

In the NY Post, Mark Everson writes about how 20 years ago the idea of a commissioner was first brought up after the short players strike of 1992.

The idea was to have a third vote, the decider, in a system that included a president of the teams and a player leading the union.

“That Commissioner’s sole duty, his mandate, would be to further the best interest of hockey — not just the interests of the franchisees, nor just those of the laborers. He would be “The Protector of The Puck”. It would require the franchisees and the players to agree to submit to someone with irreproachable motives and judgement.”

Everson writes that this is the direction that the future of the game should take so that the cycle of lockouts can end.

He suggests former players and managers Wayne Gretzky, Ken Dryden or Mario Lemieux as people that should be considered for this role.