Read: Today Isn’t Make Or Break And This Will Take Some Time

Larry Brooks says that there are still many “minefields” ahead for the players and owners as the transition issues haven’t even been discussed yet.

Brooks says “it’s going to take time.”

Carp from Rangers Report tweeted “Completely disagree that today is make-or-break. Could still get a deal done in coming days, weeks, and have a season. Both sides know it. They’ve come this far and both sides lost so much, makes no sense to cave now. Drop dead date probably around New Year’s.”

Chris Botta said “This NHL deal will take a bit longer. Bill and Steve stood next to each other Tuesday night. They weren’t holding hands.”

Scott Burnside writes at “A negotiation like this is like a train. There are a lot of personalities involved, a lot of constituents to take into account, and, as such, it takes a lot to get both sides going in the right direction. Conversely, when things go sideways, as they threatened to Wednesday night with both sides believing the other side was not serious about taking the final step towards a deal, it takes a lot to stop it. ”

He adds “Nothing less than the balance of the hockey season depends on that happening, and happening today.”

Katie Strang reports that the two sides have “tentatively” agreed to meet this afternoon.