Read: Things Got Testy Last Night/Critical Issues Remain

9:15AM: Chris Johnston writes “At one point, Boston Bruins owner Jeremy Jacobs could be seen having an animated conversation with Daly outside the negotiating room. Players also wore pensive looks as they paced the halls and made telephone calls during breaks.”

6:02AM:According to Damien Cox, Boston owner Jeremy Jacobs was ready to walk away from the bargaining session last night before he was convinced to stay by the other owners in the room.

Ryan Miller reportedly, according to Michael Grange, lost his temper during the talks when, as Cox says, the owners said they were upset with how the players responded to an earlier offer and were threatening to pull everything off of the table.

Following the end of the session, around 1AM, Ron Hainsey said that the group had a series of “candid discussions.”

Bill Daly said “We had good, candid dialogue. There continue to be critical open issues between the two parties.”