Read: There Will Be A Season and It Will Be 48 Games

Last night, former Tampa Bay GM Brian Lawton and agent Brian Lawton said that he didn’t expect anything to come from mediation but did indicate that a deal will be in place between 12/15 and 12/25.

He says that time period is the final one before the season would be cancelled and he believes that one side will blink and that there are enough supporters on both sides to make the deal happen.

Is this just wishful thinking? No absolutely not. I don’t predict many things but this is 1 I believe will happen!

John Buccigross tweeted. “NHL player told me NHL team front office person told him, 48 game schedule beginning in Jan. is already outlined.”

Evgeni Malkin’s agent disagreed and said that he thinks there is a 90% chance that the season will be canceled.

Darren Dreger said on TSN last night that if the league starts by the middle or third week of January the league would be able to play 46 games, all divisional and conference, that would end on May 1.