Read: There Has Been Flexibility But Still A Long Way To Go

9:36AM: Katie Strang tweets “Really get the sense now that both sides putting their heads down and working in earnest on sustaining momentum”

9:11AM: Darren Dreger reports this morning that the progress made last night during the players/owners meeting was due to the NHL being more flexible when it comes to contract rights.

Dreger adds, “Owners and players will weave discussions around the NHL’s Board mtng. Could go late again. If so, can a deal be more than a few days away? I’m still a tad skeptical even though all involved yest carefully characterize the day as a very good day. Need more good days to close.”

Nick Kypreos tweets that flexibility was the word used the most to describe the talks and said that the NHLPA will find out today how flexible the NHL is willing to be.

Larry Brooks adds “Progress, yes, but told “long way to go.” How much more do players have to give? How much less will league be willing to take?”

Adam Rotter: We have seen the “hope” talk before of progress being made but for the first time, as Bob McKenzie kept saying, the calendar is forcing the hand of the two sides to bargain and strike a deal. People are more optimistic today, and I have always believed there would be a season, but I don’t think we are close to the end zone yet.