Read: The Two Sides Can’t Even Agree On If There Was A Meeting This Morning (Updates)

10:59AM: Dreger tells Garrioch “In fairness, I may have misunderstood a brief text. Could have been a player mtng or player-mediator mtng.”

10:58AM: Darren Dreger sent out this tweet at 10:48AM:

League and PA brass met this morning, however no decision has been made on a more formal meeting later today.

At 10:56AM Dreger sent out this tweet:

Well, one side says there was a meeting this am and now the other side says there wasn’t. Somewhat humorous.

On the negotiating session yesterday, Brendan Morrison said “I think discouraged is a good word. Frustrated. It’s bargaining. There has to be give and take. I thought the gap would be closed much quicker, but it hasn’t come to fruition yet, so we have to keep working.”

John Shannon of Sportsnet says that the NHL is on “stand by” to meet with the NHLPA and the mediators.