Read: The Salary Cap Situation and Escrow

3:11PM: Larry Brooks tweets that the NHL appears willing to come off of their demand of a salary cap of $60 million for next season but will want something in exchange for that move.

8:44AM: At, Pierre LeBrun predicts that the NHL will end up bending a bit and raise their salary cap proposal to between $62 million and $62.5 million.

4:44PM: In the Globe and Mail, James Mirtle writes of how the players are being hit from both sides in regards to the salary cap.

If they agree to the lower cap number of $60 million, which the league is proposing, it will leave less money for free agents. Pushing for the higher number will allow for teams to spend more money, but the league will keep a bigger part of their salaries due to escrow.

He writes that this is a polarizing issue for the players and that players under contract likely want the lower cap so that they can keep more of their money.

The NHLPA has asked for the salary cap to be $65 million for 2013-14.