Read: The Sabres Don’t Want To Meet The Owners, Marc Staal Is Okay With It

According to Bill Hoppe of the Times Herald, the Buffalo Sabres players aren’t interested in having a meeting with the owners.

Tomas Vanek said “They have a guy in place in Gary. They pay him. We have a guy in place in Don. That should be good enough. I think just another PR stunt to show that they’re trying to do anything.”

Jordan Leopold said that he wants no part of it and while Jason Pominville isn’t all for the idea but is willing to try it to see if it will help.

Marc Staal told Pat Leonard that he didn’t see the downside to having this meeting, “I think that it’s not going to have any negative impact on the negotiations if we decide to do it. I think any new blood in the room will help, get some high profile players & big market owners in there and see where it goes.”