Read: The Owners Need To Give At Least One Thing

Nick Cotsonika, at Yahoo, writes that when it comes down to it the owners need the players and a CBA to get the NHL back up and running.

He suggests that if the owners were to accept the players previous proposal they will have achieved a more restrictive system, a 50/50 split and likely be able to swing labor piece for a decade.

Cotsonika writes, “Isn’t that enough? Doesn’t that achieve the league’s goals? Doesn’t that address the financial imbalance, and if it doesn’t, couldn’t the owners increase revenue sharing some more? Wasn’t competitive balance outstanding under the old rules already? The players don’t need another reason to hate Bettman and Boston Bruins owner Jeremy Jacobs, the chairman of the board of governors. They need a way out of this – a way to accept this CBA, a way to lose with dignity.The owners haven’t given much, if anything. For everyone’s sake, they need to give them that.”

Scott Burnside writes at that both sides need to understand that engaging in a war won’t do any good and won’t lead to any side being able to claim being a winner.