Read: The NHL and NHLPA have No Respect For The Fans

In the Toronto Sun, Damien Cox writes that while the NHL and NHLPA don’t trust each other and can’t agree on much, what they can agree on is despising and not respecting their fans.

Cox writes “while they waste time, they’re also essentially telling their customers that they know they’ll buy whatever they have to sell and whenever they decide to sell it. They’ll take it and like it and may-I-have-another-sir.”

He adds that “Not once has either Bettman or Fehr said something like, “We ask our fans to bear with us. We’re trying. But it’s going to take time.”

Cox writes that the NHL and NHLPA acted this way towards fans during the lockout of 2004-05 and since that didn’t have a damaging impact on fan relations, neither side thinks it will this time around.