Read: The NBA Players Feel For The NHL Players, What Crosby and Ovechkin Think

In the Toronto Star, Kevin McGran wrote about how NBA players are able to relate to the players in the NHL as they go through the lockout.

McGran spoke with Matt Bonner of the San Antonio Spurs, who was on the NBAPA Negotiating team during their lockout, and Bonner said that decertification is a risky move since it throws everything into “chaos” but said “the bottom line is we did everything we could to get a deal up to that point. We reached an impasse where we didn’t feel they were negotiating and we had to do something drastic to negotiate with.”

Sidney Crosby, who may be close to playing in Europe, said at TSN that the process of trying to get a new CBA is frustrating and that “if we really want to get something done, I feel like we have to be there every single day, no matter what if we want to find a way to get it done.”

Alexander Ovechkin said at TSN that his teammate Roman Hamrilik should have kept his mouth quiet when he made his comments about Don Fehr last week. He added “We have a team and of course, everyone wants to play, but we have to stick together…and I don’t know if everyone’s on the same page as those guys.”