Read: The Latest On Tonight’s Meeting

10:10PM: Katie Strang tweets “Bettman said league obliged on some things asked for by the union, while stood firm on others. Is “glad to see” process continue”

10:07PM: Bettman says that the two sides plan on meeting tomorrow.

Chris Johnston tweets:

  • Gary Bettman: “We’re clearly not done.”
  • Gary Bettman also said the NHL made more movement in tonight’s counter-proposal
  • Gary Bettman said he’s happy the talks are continuing.

9:52PM: Nick Cotsonika tweets “So PA will study NHL response, then go from there. This is tedious. This is tiresome. This is how it goes.”

9:49PM: Pierre LeBrun tweets that the meeting is over.

Elliotte Friedman tweets that the NHLPA is going to look over the NHL document that they presented to the NHLPA.

He says that Fehr anticipates meeting tomorrow.

9:28PM: Renaud Lavoie tweets “The NHL put a counter-offer on the table. 2 possibilities tonight. NHLPA meet internally after to revise it. Or they negotiate for few hours”

8:33PM: Pierre LeBrun tweets that the delay in meeting is due to the NHL’s counter offer to the NHLPA being “comprehensive.”

8:11PM: Pierre LeBrun and Elliotte Friedman tweet that the NHL and NHLPA will meet at 9PM.

7:28PM: According to David Shoalts of the Globe and Mail, both the NHL and NHLPA are working internally and not yet ready to resume negotiations.

He adds that the NHLPA is waiting for the NHL to let them know when they are ready to talk.

Bruce Garrioch spoke with a league insider who said: “While people on both sides are cautiously optimistic, a new deal is not imminent. People should not get ahead of themselves with false hope. We have a lot of heavy lifting and some major issues to resolve before we can say the season will be saved. While everyone wants to play on both sides, resolving the remaining issues present significant challenges.”