Read: The Latest On Today’s CBA Talks (Updates)

10:03PM: Renaud Lavoie says that it is too early to tell how soon a possible deal can be struck

10PM: Kevin Paul Dupont tweets “Vet agent: deal as good as done, league now taking it to final hour, grabbing what’s left to take off table.”

8:57PM: Louis Jean, a reporter from Montreal, spoke with Bill Daly who said that the two sides will keep talking through the night until the they hit a wall or the talks start being counterproductive.

8:45PM: Darren Dreger says that the bargaining will likely carry over to tomorrow.

8:12PM: According to Kypreos, the remaining issues are “variance on contracts, term of deals, walkaway arb, pension, buyouts, all issues need to still b resolved”

8:03PM: Nick Kypreos tweets that the NHL has moved up to $62.5 million for the 2013-14 salary cap.

7:51PM: Aaron Ward says that the NHLPA has moved toward $64.3 for the upper limit of the salary cap. $64.3 million was the upper limit last season.

7:43PM: Darren Millard tweets “Source tells me that from a series of meetings & a string of bargaining sessions today there has been movement but it’s been slow progress.”

7:29PM: Darren Dreger replies to LeBrun and says that the difference between the players and the league, in regards to the cap, is believed to be less than $2 million.

Nick Cotsonika tweets

  • A $2M gap on cap for one year of eight- to 10-year CBA is silly, especially when players are limited to 50% of HRR no matter what cap is.
  • Don’t tell me the salary range can’t be more than $16M for one transitional year of an eight- to 10-year agreement. Come on, guys.

7:13PM: LeBrun tweets that the NHL has moved off of $60 million for the salary cap but it isn’t enough for the players.

6:26PM: Doug MacLean tweets “Making progress. Not tonite but will be done. Motivation is to play more than 48 games..nice change in whats motivating each side.”

5:56PM: Bob McKenzie tweets that he is being told that “There’s a bit of frenzy going on now that may not be entirely justified.” He notes that the comment isn’t meant to be taken in a negative tone, but that the “runaway train of optimism that may be a little excessive.”

4:53PM: Kevin Paul Dupont writes “Agent: “Ways to go. League leaking info to up pressure on players.””

4:50PM: Bob McKenzie says “3 things to remember: 1. Until whole deal is done, none of it is done. 2. I’m cautiously, VERY cautiously, optimistic. 3. Re-read No. 1.”

4:36PM: Kevin Allen reminds:

Everyone needs to be patient There is a big difference between “progress” and a done deal.

4:21PM: Nick Cotsonika tweets that there is reason to be optimistic but that things are still tenuous.

4:04PM: On Sportsnet:

  • Doug Maclean says that the disclaimer of interest is not a factor anymore. The salary cap will be around $63 or $64 million.
  • PK Subban, a guest analyst, says that the key is that both sides want to play.
  • John Shannon says that the pension issue is finished.
  • Nick Kypreos says that the NHL may be up to around $63 million for next seasons salary cap. Shanon says that the floor at $44 million isn’t changing. He says that the floor will be calculated by a revenue formula after the second year of the CBA.
  • “lets not get the cart before the horse.”—Shannon
  • Kypreos says that this all falls on Donald Fehr and how much he wants to squeeze out of the NHL and when he actually wants to sign off on a new CBA.

Bruce Garrioch tweets “Talks are still continuing at this hour. The NHL wants a deal done asap because of the paperwork and logistics involved. Lots of work to do.”