Read: The Idea of Starting Free Agency Right After The Draft

At, Pierre LeBrun says that the NHL should look to start free agency on the day after the NHL draft ends.

The NHL draft starts on Friday and ends on Saturday which would have free agency start that Sunday.

LeBrun says that most of the important front office people are all in one place for the draft and it would create a huge buzz to start free agency.

In another idea, LeBrun says “In that similar vein, why not also gather all 30 front offices in the same arena for NHL trade deadline day. Make it an even bigger media event with fans in the stands when trades are announced.”

Also in regards to schedules, LeBrun says that the NHL season should start in the third week of September and the Stanley Cup should be over by May 31.

The NHL and NHLPA have reportedly agreed that the free agency period would start 48 hours after the Stanley Cup is awarded but players would not be able to officially sign until July 1.

The NHL had previously offered a similar plan that would start free agency on July 1 but not let any players sign until July 10.

The NHL, again, offered yesterday to start free agency with an interview period and make signings official on July 10.