Read: The Highest Paid NHL Players

At Forbes, based on average annual salary and endorsements, they rank the highest paid players in the NHL.

Tied for sixth on the list, with Shea Weber, is Rick Nash who makes $8 million a year annually. Nash’s cap hit is $7.8 million and his endorsement deals, with Under Armor, pay him $150,000 per year.

Nash’s actual salary is $7.6 million for next season and goes up to $8.2 in 2017-18 which is the last year of his deal.

11th on the list is Marian Gaborik who annually makes $7.65 million. His cap hit and salary is $7.5 million a season and he makes $150,000 in endorsements.

Scott Gomez is 15th on the list at $7.46 million.

In terms of actual salary for this season, if there wasn’t a lockout, Brad Richards makes $12 million (ranked 2nd) and Rick Nash is ranked 18th with $7.6 million.