Read: The Good That Can Come of It and Who Shouldn’t Be At The Players/Owners Meeting Craig Custance and Scott Burnside talked about whether it would be a good idea for the players to have a meeting without Donald Fehr and meet with the owners who would be without Gary Bettman.

Custance thinks that it will be refreshing, if all owners are allowed to attend, to have the players hear from the owners why they need this new system and how it will benefit the future health of the game.

Burnside writes that the chance to ask an owner, besides the regulars who attend the meetings, certain questions could lead to something on which to build on.

John Shannon, of Sportsnet, writes that the owners want to make their case to the players that things need to change or that the league may have to adapt and players would lose their jobs to contraction.

Pittsburgh writer Josh Yohe says, “Consensus from players: They don’t care if Bettman is around or not. They do care if Jacobs and same old owners are present at next meeting.”

Dave Stubbs spoke with Marty Brodeur and tweeted “I’m open to any idea. When Bettman or Jacobs aren’t around, I think people act differently”

7:45AM: In the NY Post, Mark Everson and Larry Brooks write that the players don’t want this meeting to be a negotiation but instead a discussion where everyone can express their ideas.

The players are also not interested in having the four owners, Jeremy Jacobs, Craig Leipold, Ted Leonsis and Murray Edwards, present at the meeting.