Read: The Desperate Want To Make A Deal

10:51AM: Bob McKenzie says that the player mood last night was “dark” and that they don’t like a five-year limit on contracts, 10 year CBA deal or that the $300 in make whole is tied to the CBA.

10:29AM: Bruce Garrioch says that the general feeling is that the two sides have come too far not to make a deal.


Pierre LeBrun writes at that the two sides “desperately” want to make a deal and cites how in the past when talks got heated they broke up, but last night the moderates in the room pushed for them to continue and they did.

“while both sides were holding their breathe in the early hours of Thursday morning that this thing could still blow up, the fact that it didn’t when it easily could have tells me the owners and players who are logging these long bargaining hours don’t want to leave New York City without a deal.”

Bob McKenzie, on TSN, says that something, positive or negative, is likely to happen before Christmas. He says that the tone is serious and both sides understand how critical the situation is and that blowing up talks now could mean blowing up the season.

Darren Dreger, on TSN,  says that a lot of progress has been made but neither side is willing to say that a deal has been close.