Read: The Cap Recapture Formula/CBA Problems

At, Pierre LeBrun detailed one of the issues in the new CBA that would punish teams for the long-term back diving contracts that they signed.

This would hit a team with a cap hit if a player still under contract retires.

The NHL proposal, according to LeBrun, wants to punish teams that have players signed longer than five years with the NHLPA proposal punishing teams that have players signed for more than seven years.

The NHL proposal from October explained their stance as “We are proposing that all years of existing long-term contracts in excess of five (5) years be counted against a Club’s Cap regardless of whether or where a Player is playing. While such contracts (and Cap charges) can be traded during their terms, in the event a Player subsequently retires or ceases to play, the effective Cap charge would revert to the Club that originally entered into the contract. This proposal is consistent with our other proposals intended to address the harmful effects of long-term, front-loaded, “back-diving” contracts.”

In Newsday, Arthur Staple wrote about some of the issues that teams may face when the league starts up. He spoke with Brad Richards who said “We’d love to have those problems because it means there’s a deal and we’re playing.”