Read: The Calendar Said It Was Time For Progress

On TSN last night, Bob McKenzie was asked what made last night different than all the other meetings between the NHL and NHLPA and responded by saying “it was just time. Both sides realized that the season is on the line and/or that decertification was becoming a real option for the NHLPA.”

McKenzie also said that the thing he was excited about was how both sides brought new cards to the table and that “we have made a significant step forward, but it is tenuous.”

“By far the best day of the lockout”

McKenzie says that more than taking Gary Bettman and Don Fehr out the room, the biggest reason for progress last night was the calendar and how “crunch time” is right now.”

Nick Cotsonika tweeted “Daly saying he thinks everyone wants to get a deal done is significant. Wasn’t long ago he expressed doubt about other side. Tone change.”

The two sides are meeting again at 9AM.

Steve Fehr said to Katie Strang at ESPN, “I thought it was a constructive day; we had a good dialogue. In some ways, I’d say it might be the best day we’ve had. Which isn’t to paint too overly optimistic a picture. There’s still a lot of work to do and a lot to be done, but we will be back at it tomorrow morning.”