Read: The Big Mistake Donald Fehr Made and What His First Move Should Have Been

At Sportsnet, Michael Grange writes that Donald Fehr’s first question to Gary Bettman, when the two sides first met, should have been “How can we together from the pie from the $3.3 billion it was in 11-12 to $5 billion and beyond as fast as possible?”

Grange says that every other issue, including how much of the pie the players would get, should have been secondary to that.

He says that the players shouldn’t have just accepted any offer the owners put out there, but they should have taken a different approach with their negotiations. He says that Fehr may have made a mistake in not negotiating off the owners proposal back in October that would have saved an 82 game season.

The players rejected that offer because of the original details of the make whole agreement which saw that money come out of the players share.

Grange notes that it’s hard to see how the players revenue growth projections are going to happen in the next couple of years.