Read: The Big Donald Fehr Problem (Updates)

8:53PM: Pierre LeBrun tweets “Fehr also denies that he’s not fully communicated any of the league’s offers to his players.”

LeBrun adds that the NHLPA doesn’t think they are as far away on core economics as the NHL says that they are.

8:49PM: Renaud Lavoie tweets Fehr saying that there is still a lot of work to do. Lavoie adds that Fehr says he doesn’t know what the next step is.

8:13PM: Bruce Arthur tweets: “The NHL has believed Fehr has been hijacking the process for some time. This could become nuclear.”

Elliotte Friedman tweets:

  • This is going to be a mess tonight. Accusation that Fehr withheld NHL’s offer from PA is very serious. Would expect that to be addressed publicly after conference call. Info was not included in Fehr memo last night, but one player says it was because they knew it would be leaked and didn’t want specific details of offers going public.
  • Angry comments from both sides, too. This is really going to test the process.
  • NHL is very frustrated by Fehr…they are going after him. The gloves are off now.

Fehr is being accused by the NHL of not informing the players that the league is willing to fund the make whole agreement, plus interest, by the third year.

Larry Brooks tweets “League’s objective last time was to take down Goodenow. Now it appears as if objective is to take down Fehr.”

Chris Botta tweets: Going after Fehr is the NHL’s most disingenuous media ploy in, like, hours. Funny that Bettman said tonight, “Whatever it takes.”